Agile Estimation Techniques:   Agile Estimation Techniques

Sprint Retrospective Techniques:

Machine Learning Basics:

Machine Learning Basics

Machine Learning Supervised Vs Unsupervised

Spring Frameworks Blogs

Spring Tutorial 1: Dependency Injection

Spring Tutorial 2: Autowiring in Detail

Spring Tutorial 3: Different ways of Dependency Injection

Spring Tutorial 4: Aspect Oriented Programming with Spring

Spring Tutorial 5: Spring Query by Example Feature

Spring Tutorial 6: Spring Transaction Management

Java Blogs

Java Reflection Basics: Java Reflections

Design Patterns:

Part 1: Builder Design Pattern

Part 2: Factory Design Pattern

Part 3: Singleton Design Pattern


Part 1: Hibernate Framework Part 1

Part 2: Hibernate Framework Part 2

Software Development Best PracticesSOLID Principles

Coding ConventionsCoding Conventions

Garbage CollectionJava Garbage Collection

Json File Generation: Json File Generation using Different Apis

XML CreationXml Creation

Apache FlinkApache Flink Stream Processing

Multi Tenant Architecture: Multi Tenant Architecture

Node.Js Tutorials

Node.Js Part 1 (Basic): Node Js Basic Tutorial


Ajax Part 1: Introduction to AJAX: Part 1

Ajax Part 2: Introduction to AJAX: Part 2

Testing Blogs

Rest Assured Testing: Rest Assured Testing

Spock FrameworkData Driven Testing – Spock Frameworks

Junit5:  Dive into Junit5

Messaging Frameworks

Apache Kafka

Part 1:  Apache Kafka Basics

Part 2: Kafka Producer Code

Active MQ: 

Part 1: Active MQ with Kaha DB

Part 2: Active MQ with MySql DB

Part 3: Active MQ Publisher Code

Part 4: Active MQ Subscriber Code